HealthSteps is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company providing innovative and comprehensive mobile-digital software solutions to improve health services delivery and to accelerate clinical research discovery. The ease-of-use design of HealthSteps’ software solution combined with the ability to sync care plan activities with caregivers and clinicians provides a patient-centered platform that enhances a patient’s success with following care plan instructions and to be more involved in their own care management. HealthSteps is ultimately the solution for healthcare providers, family members, caregivers and research stakeholders to more effectively and efficiently support the specific health needs of patients while accelerating the clinical discovery of new treatment therapies meant to advance worldwide population health initiatives.

HealthSteps advances human health by placing the individual at the center of care and clinical discovery by capturing more accurate and detailed patient-reported outcomes. Clinical trials that evaluate drug safety and efficacy require critical and accurate reports on patient-reported outcomes of care, treatment side-effects, and other metrics. Current methods for data tracking, which include in-person interviews or mail-in surveys, possess inherent limitations that can lead to recall bias, compromising data quality or missing underlying trends. HealthSteps can gain real-time data on medication adherence and symptoms, avoiding the previous pitfalls and generating more robust data-integral for evaluating new drugs or treatments coming to market.