Your patient-centered eCOA mobile platform for clinical trial success

The HealthSteps eCOA mobile platform accelerates the capture of patient-reported outcomes data for your clinical trial while ensuring the highest degree of data accuracy and reliability. The HealthSteps ePRO app improves patient engagement and retention through the innovative design of its patient-friendly BYOD (bring your own device) solution. Designed to operate on either iPhone or Android devices, HealthSteps ePRO provides the ultimate in patient convenience while helping to reduce study costs by eliminating the need for dedicated devices.

The HealthSteps eCOA mobile platform provides superior web-portal dashboard access for research stakeholders to better manage study progress. Clinical trial personnel can track a participant’s study activities in real-time, communicate additional instructions to participants, send direct text reminders, and even adjust medications or other activities right through the ePRO app. The HealthSteps eCOA mobile platform provides highly-secure data capture within a cloud-based environment eliminating the need to re-enter data into a web-based system significantly reducing the potential for errors.

Please contact the HealthSteps eCOA team to learn how we can help make your clinical trial a success.