HealthSteps Collaborates with the American Medical Association to Transform its Integrated Health Model Initiative into a Mobile Health Reality

Visit the AMA’s IHMI at HIMSS Booth #6891 to request a demo of the HealthSteps platform.

HealthSteps is partnering with the American Medical Association (AMA) to implement their newly announced Integrated Health Model Initiative (IHMI) for the first time on a mobile health platform [press release]. The IHMI serves as the next step in healthcare evolution by providing a validated way to collect patient reported health data in a way clinicians can access and act on–bridging the gap between big data and clinical utility.

According to the AMA press release, “The Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) Data Model was created by IHMI’s first collaboration between the health and technology sectors to tap into important health information that has often gone uncollected, unanalyzed, or unshared, opening potential to improve health outcomes. This successful collaboration has helped speed product integration as the first medical technology companies have adopted the IHMI data model for use in the field.”

Patients can use the HealthSteps mobile platform, which can integrate with wireless blood pressure cuffs to validly measure, collect, store and securely transmit the data to a designated cloud based provider, and then onto the EHR. HealthSteps will demo the integrated SMBP on its mobile platform at the HIMSS conference in Orlando, FL this week. HealthSteps CEO Benjamin King says, “Development of a common data structure with AMA’s IHMI data model is a giant leap forward for healthcare. We are excited to work with the AMA’s IHMI and its collaborator community to advance this first release, and deploy this technology to improve care for millions of patients.”

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